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We build bespoke intelligence models based on machine learning, deep learning, graph analysis. You can train as well as evolve these models specific to your business needs. Reinforcement Learning allows us to retrain your models over time, making them more intelligent.

What We Do

Intelligent Business Decisions

Maximize the value of your data with actionable insights based on your data, most of your data, or all your data. With our highly automated and autonomous design, you can do this rapidly as soon as business assumptions change. Our API based design allows easy consumption of this intelligence.

What We Do

Data Architecture and Design

We build and operate large scale systems capable of processing, storing, and analyzing a wide array of structured and unstructured data. With our experience in cutting edge open-source technologies, we hide away the complexity of data, and let you focus on creating business value.

What We Do


The DataOne Platform is built up of a series of executable reference model. Our architecture is driven by a focus on integrability. You create business value rapidly with a quick integration of our executable models.

What We Do


See all your data come together in a meaningful way. You can also use our API's to build your own dashboards.

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